ROSTERS (West London Minor Hockey)



A little background on Rosters

All the basic information for players is entered online at registration time.  Much of the information for the officials has also been loaded online.  By using full name and birth date this information can be retrieved by the Registrar.

Once the Registrar receives the team official and player information they can go online to the Hockey Canada Registration system (HCR) and start to pull the roster together by selecting the players and officials.  By selecting the people their information such as address, phone number, birth date, player position (Skater / Goalie), team official position/role and certification numbers are then 'printed' on the roster.  Assuming jersey numbers are provided they will be printed on the roster as well.  Jersey numbers are NOT mandatory. 

Both Competitive and House League team rosters are generated by the Registrar and then ‘submitted’ to the Alliance for final approval. 

Once all the information has been selected the roster is marked as 'Submitted' by the Registrar, which generates an email to the Alliance indicating that there is a roster for them to begin checking for accuracy.  Among other things they look for: 

  • Paper work to support a new player to our association
  • Paper work to support an address change
  • Certification to be in line with the selected role for team officials. 
  • Birth certificates for new players
  • Birth certificates for players moving from House League to Competitive (A/AA & MD) 

The goal of the Registrar is to provide as much of the supporting information up front to make the turnaround with the Alliance as quick as possible.


Why do I need a roster?
  • Insurance Insurance Insurance!
  • Rosters are documents that receive final approval from the Alliance, our governing body for hockey.  It allows you to prove the 'membership' of your team. It also ensures that the players are insured and that the coaching staff is certified as required and dictated by the Alliance.
  • Our Travel Permit Representative, will not give you your 'Travel Permit' if they know that you will not have your Roster. 


How do I get a roster?

·         By supplying your complete required team information as soon as possible the process can begin.  See steps to ‘Getting your Roster’    

·         Once the Registrar has your base information they can determine what other backup paper support may be required depending on your players, their history and your team officials.

·         Once everything has been approved by the Alliance they mark the roster as 'Approved' on their online file.  This then allows the Registrar to provide you with a softcopy of your roster via email. 


What information do I need to provide?

·          MUST HAVE:

o        Players names

o        Player position (skater / goalie) Note: In HL goalies are to be assigned for Minor Bantam and up.

o        Team Official names

§         Only 5 officials are allowed per team/roster

§         These are the 5 officials that will be allowed on your bench and ice. 

§         If you have a manager you can list them on the team list for contacts but they do not have to be rostered if they will not be on the bench.

o        Team Official birth dates (one of the keys to find them on Hockey Canada)

o        Team Official position (Head Coach, Asst Coach, Trainer, Manager, Asst Trainer....)

o        NOTE: If any of the MUST HAVE information is missing it will hold up the final approval of your roster.    

·         NICE TO HAVE:

o        Jersey numbers

Once the Registrar has your complete team list they will review it to see what other information may be required such as Birth Certificates or Residential move forms for new players to West.  This paperwork is requested at registration and may already be on file, but it is not always supplied in a timely manner.


Can you tell me more about Birth Certificates and Residential Move Form requirements?


  • The Residential Move form is required for any new player to our association who has played hockey previously.  A new player can also be defined as a player who did not play for us in the previous season.


  • If a player is new to us and it's their first year playing hockey the form is not required. 


  • The OHF Residential Move form has changed as of 2007 so make sure the newest version is picked up from the Alliance site (, Admin section.


All forms and Birth Certificates are requested at registration however on occasion they are not supplied and will be requested by the registrar, if required, through the coach/manager to complete roster work.            


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