Feb 2019 Meeting Minutes (West London Minor Hockey)

PrintFeb 2019 Meeting Minutes

West London Minor Hockey Association

Board Meeting

February 12, 2019, 7:00pm, Bostwick Arena



Present:  Mark Annett, Lisa Boyce, Ryan Brown, Nathan Doan, Derek Drummond, Frank Figliomeni, Mark Flick, Phil Franze, Bruce Hayward, Justin Hoffer, Greg Matthison, Trisha Phibbs, Shawn Phibbs, Kristie Roff

Absent:  Jeff Brush, Chris Latour, Spencer Noonan, Brady Parr


Approve January Minutes



Furniture for Outer West Room

Don’t want to do until everything has been put away at the end of this season.  Table/chairs, mail slots and cork boards needed.


Bantam HL Schedule

Issue to take up with CHL.  Teams were tiered January 27th.  Play only 4 games between January 28th and March 24th with no games at all in February.  Teams could use practices to play exhibition games against each other but would incur referee costs.


Game Sheets

Issue with a team going to Kinsmen and not having a game sheet.  Teams were pulled off the ice and game had to be rescheduled.  At Bostwick there are lots of game sheets on the top of the shed and in the West storage room.


Alcohol Report at Nichols

West Midget HL game at Nichols.  Issue in the lobby where arena staff had to step in.  Found a spilled cup which contained alcohol.  Reminder of Rzone policy in London.


On-Ice Board setup

Reminder to teams to be sent out about wearing helmets on the ice when setting up the boards.  Problem with game days where coaches don’t necessarily have their equipment with them.  Conversation with Mike about city taking over setting up boards?  They are not just at Bostwick Arena anymore.


End of Season HL Evaluations

Coaches evaluate each player on a scale of 1-5.  Draft players onto teams in the fall.  North currently does this.  Hopefully it will help with balancing better.  Bruce can get the evaluation they use for ball hockey.  Motion to do evaluations at the end of the season by Frank.  Seconded by Ryan.  Moved.



DS1 Coaching Clinic

There are a lack of clinics in the area.  Ryan has reached out to coaches and has 23 interested.  Coaching Association of Ontario Bursary Program à pay cost of clinic up to 70% of certified coach and up to 60% of trained coach.  West will look to run clinic in March or April.  Possibly April 27/28 weekend.  Derek noted they are about a year behind doing on-ice evaluations for certified status.


February 25th Registration meeting

Does West want to pay for 5 coaches DS1 certifications?  Would build cost into registration fees?  Would rather pay bursary difference once coach has applied for bursary.

Currently, GLHA has different coaching requirements than Alliance.  How does West vote on this?  To follow GHLA requirements or Alliance?  DS1 courses take entire weekend and can be hard to find and timing can be difficult.  Motion by Frank to follow Alliance requirements as opposed to GHLA.  Seconded by Ryan.  Moved.


Concussion Seminar

Would West like to host a presentation by Western professor?  Is there interest from parents?  No charge for presentation but West would incur room rental fee.  Send out electronic announcement to gauge interest.


Coaches Evaluations

Brady to send out evaluations to HL and MD parents



Mustang White Chair position being posted.

Purple – proposing fall tryouts.  White – prefers spring tryouts.  Motion by Justin to have spring tryouts for 2019-2020 season.  Seconded by Bruce.  Moved.

Combine white and purple and go citywide?


Meeting adjourned.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, April 9th, 7pm, Bostwick Arena.

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