COACH STAFF DUTIES (West London Minor Hockey)


Coaching Staff 

It is required that all coaches assign a manager to help in the management of the team.  


  1. To coach the team’s on ice activities.
  2. To organize the team’s coaching/management staff.
  3. To select players at tryouts / evaluations.
  4. To pre-plan practices with team coaching staff.
  5. To oversee all practices or if absent, ensure another member of the coaching staff is present to oversee the practice.
  6. To coach team in all league, exhibition, tournament and playoff games.
  7. To liaise with the Convener/Rep as needed.
  8. To ensure that all players are properly equipped.
  9. To ensure that all players receive equal attention to ensure proper player development.
  10. To ensure the proper conduct of all players and team officials on and off the ice at any function and uphold the Zero Tolerance Policy (see Conduct Section).
  11. To select a manager for all off ice activities.


  1. To assist the coach in their responsibilities.
  2. To take responsibility for the association’s equipment and sweaters
  3. To liaise with parents as necessary.
  4. To advise the Convener/Rep of all tournament and exhibition games as outlined in this manual.
  5. To maintain all player cards and/or rosters and information.
  6. To return all equipment and sweaters to the association at season end.
  7. To advise Convener/Rep of all game changes.
  8. To keep team financial records and to provide a financial statement to parents.  Team accounts are to be closed at the end of the season.
  9. To greet visiting teams and ensure that dressing room and game sheet details are in order.
  10. To be responsible for the team dressing room and secure it with a lock/key
  11. To ensure that the team sponsor is contacted when appropriate.
  12. To include the team sponsor in team activities.
  13. To see that the team sponsor receives a schedule of the team games and a team plaque.
  14. Keep team schedules current.
  15. To "call in" game scores to the appropriate person or complete online as required.
    Refer to the respective A/AA-Seeded and CHL guidelines/manuals for the specific details on the following: Failure to report game scores within a given period of time will result in a fine to the home association.   Repeat offences may include further fines and or suspension.  Also there may be fines for errors on game sheets.  There are also penalties around not handing in Tournament game sheets within a given period of time.   


  1. To ensure that all players have filled in the MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM (See team forms).   These forms are to be on hand at any team related activity (games, practices, dry land traveling and social functions).  Remember that the player’s medical information is strictly confidential and only the trainer, head coach and player’s parents should have access to the medical history file. Also, since the 2001-2002 season we are no longer allowed to ask for a player's health card number.
  2. Maintain a properly stocked basic first aid kit.  See below to find a basic list of items that should be in your first aid kit.
  3. Keep coach informed with regards to player conditioning.
  4. Be aware of individual player medical needs (ie puffer for asthma).
  5. To aid the coach in the design and implementation of individual and team conditioning.
  6. To obtain and maintain player medical information on the form noted above. 
  7. To complete, if necessary, the OHF - HOCKEY CANADA INJURY REPORT, and to attach the game sheet and pass to the V.P. Hockey. (Form found on the Alliance Website at: / select the 'Admin' tab on the Alliance site / select the ' HC Injury Report Forms' under the HC Forms section.) 

Sample First Aid Kit

  • 1 - Soft Sturdy First Aid Kit Box

  • 10 - 4" x 4" gauze pads

  • 1 roll - Pre Wrap

  • 1 pack - Iodine swabs

  • 2 rolls - 1 1/2" Athletic Tape (low grade)

  • 1 roll - 4" stretch gauze

  • 2 - 4" Tensor bandages

  • 4 - Zip-Lock plastic bags  (quick ice pack with snow off ice or from back of arena)

  • 2 - 40" cotton Triangular (slings)

  • 1 - pair bandage scissors

  • 1 bag - Sterile cotton tip applicators

  • 2 pairs - Rubber gloves (Latex)

  • 1 box - Knuckle bands

  • 1 - Chemical Cold Pack

  • 1 box - Finger tip bands

  • 2 Boxes - Elasto stretch strips

  • 1 - CPR barrier shield (Only use if certified in CPR)

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