CONDUCT (West London Minor Hockey)


Profanity, abusive language and un-sportsman like behaviour will not be tolerated. Players, parents or team officials guilty of this practice will be subject to suspension.  The GLHA has a Zero Tolerance Policy for such behaviour.  This policy can be found further on in this section of the Guide. 

All team players and officials guilty of unbecoming conduct and the causing of damage to arenas in which they play will be barred from further competition and will also be assessed a fine equal to the amount of damage caused. (Also see the section on "Arena Information" within this Guide.) 

The use of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs by team officials or players prior to or during an official function of the association is prohibited.

Zero Tolerance Policy

From: Greater London Hockey Association
To: All Players, Parents, Coaching Staffs and Spectators

There will be a "zero tolerance policy" of anyone responsible for physical or verbal abuse directed towards officials, coaching staffs, players, or other spectators before, during, or at any time after the game.

Do not crowd the exits at the end of the game. Remain in the stands without spectator interference until the players are in the dressing rooms. Refrain from comments that could be considered offensive or derogatory by anyone. These remarks are totally unacceptable, and an inappropriate and disgusting display to be observed by any child, regardless of age.

The players are going to play hockey. It is not your right - it is your privilege to attend these games as a spectator.

There will be no warnings. If you are ejected for physical or verbal abuse, you will not be allowed to attend any minor hockey game for the balance of this season. You will have to "appeal" to return in future seasons.

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