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Policy on the Receipt and Confidential Storage of Police Vulnerable Sector Checks and Police Information Checks


The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for receiving Police Vulnerable Sector Checks Police Information Checks and storing them in a confidential manner.


  1. Association: The West London Minor Hockey Association Inc. (WLMHA).
  2. Board: The duly appointed board members of WLMHA. 
  3. Committee – Any authorized and recognized committee of the Association.  
  4. Participants – Any person directly or indirectly involved in an approved activity in the capacity of competitor, observer, athlete, coach, assistant coach, practice volunteer, trainer, manager, parent, official, spectator, employee, Committee Member or Association Member or any other person present or involved in the activity.
  5. Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) or Police Information Check (PIC) – A document provided by a police service indicating that a background check on a potential volunteer has been completed by that service.

Volunteer Role and Obligation

    1. When required to do so by virtue of an application to be a volunteer for an activity of WLMHA, the volunteer will obtain a PVSC/PIC from the police service having jurisdiction in the volunteer’s place of residence. The cost for this will be the responsibility of the volunteer.
    2. If the volunteer is advised by the police service that they have concerns regarding the volunteer, the volunteer may ask the Risk Management Director to attend the police service to review the decision of the police service to determine if the concern is materially relevant to the volunteer position.

Risk Management Director Role and Obligation 

    1. The Director shall notify the Board of all potential volunteers that have been advised to obtain a PVSC/PIC.
    2. The Director shall receive and review the PVSC/PIC of each volunteer applicant.
    3. The Director shall notify the Registrar of the Results and Search Date so volunteer's Hockey Canada porfile can be updated.
    4. The Director shall attend at a police service at the request of a volunteer applicant to review the result of a PVSC/PIC in the presence of the applicant where the police service has expressed concerns.
    5. The Director shall maintain a data base of the name of each applicant, the status of their PVSC/PIC, the date that the PVSC/PIC was issued, the date that the PVSC/PIC expires and any materially relevant information about the background of the volunteer that is later disclosed by the volunteer.  The Risk Management Director shall keep the original PVSC/PIC form for each applicant.

    6. The Risk Management Director shall ensure that all hard copy documents are secured and that all electronic data bases and related electronic files are secured by password and backed up regularly.

    7. Where a volunteer makes a disclosure of information that would have, if known at the time that the application was reviewed by the Risk Management Director or at the time that the PVSC/PIC was processed by the police service disqualified the applicant from being selected as a volunteer, the Risk Management Director shall note the information in the data base and then notify the volunteer they are disqualified from volunteering.

    8. The Risk Management Director shall destroy the PVSC/PIC form and any other document related to a volunteer within twelve months of the expiry of the PVSC/PIC for that volunteer unless the volunteer requests the return of the documents.

Board Role and Obligation

    1. Each member of the Board shall submit to a PVSC.


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