August 2019 Meeting Minutes (West London Minor Hockey)

PrintAugust 2019 Meeting Minutes

West London Minor Hockey Association

Board Meeting

August 13, 2019, 7:00pm, Bostwick Arena



Board Members Present:  Mark Annett, Ryan Brown, Jeff Brush, Nathan Doan, Derek Drummond, Frank Figliomeni, Mark Flick, Bruce Hayward, Chris Latour, Andy Manna, Brady Parr, Shawn Phibbs, Kristie Roff, Trisha Phibbs

Absent:  Lisa Boyce, Spencer Noonan


July Minutes

Motion to approve July minutes by Ryan Brown, seconded by Bruce Hayward.  Moved.


GLHA -  No GLHA meeting in July

Electronic Game Sheet Training

Electronic game sheet training Monday. It is a Q&A webinar.  Shawn not available for the webinar.  Send links to timekeepers and coaches so they can go over it.  Mark Feenstra is not returning as scheduler.  Shawn has someone in mind to do the scheduling.  Where are the devices? 

Privit / Rowan’s Law

Privit will collect data for us online.  Logan Couture will pay for first 3 years for GLHA and Kitchener Minor Hockey.  They are currently building the website.  Logan to announce at his event on August 15th.  First will be Rowan’s Law only then add medical forms and Gender Identity.


House League

Working on getting coaches.  Coaches meeting will be September 16th.  Pick up equipment that night.  Will do a draft night.  18 year old from Western looking for Assistant Coaching position.



110 currently registered.  150 cap last year.  Storage shed in downstairs with combination lock.



August 6th the Alliance released the season outline.  Novice conveners meeting Thursday night.  Mark to send out email next week to parents to declare HL or MD.  Detailed email with dates, costs of MD, etc.  Deadline to respond August 31st.



Equipment pickup August 22nd.  Chris to email coaches regarding evaluators.  MD max. budget $17,000.



No July meeting.  Next meeting on Monday.




104 teams registered.  35 Novice.  Very weak at A.



No update.



HL socks are ordered.  MD socks are in.  Need to order goalie equipment.  Sign off sheets for shirts and additional equipment done.


Hockey Development

All preseason skates full.  Dave Leff ice captain for all 3 skates.  September 17th and 18th goalie clinic run by Steve McKeechan.  Brady to email goalie parents and advertise on website.

PD Day Development – October PD Day may be too early.  Still interested in doing this.



Brady to send out new blast for Rowan’s, Goal Clinic and DS1 Clinic.



Camera Canada will give complimentary 5x7 team picture and $1000 sponsorship as well as $2 per player that purchases a package rebate.  They have 2 stores where parents/coaches/managers can pick up their order.  They are real team photos and not composites.  We provide the location.  They provide 6 staff for each photo day.  Guarantee before Christmas.  Look to book Nichols – IP and MD on Oct. 6th, HL and Minor Novice October 20th.



Spencer absent


Ice Update

Still dealing with Shamrock.  Tryouts up on the website.



No update



Lisa absent



First Shift – need 4-6 volunteers.  High school students for volunteer hours?

Gender Identity – preseason chats covered at MD and to be discussed at HL coaches meeting


Motion to adjourn the meeting by Derek.  Seconded by Mark Flick.  Meeting adjourned.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 10th, 7pm at Bostwick

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