April 2019 Meeting Minutes (West London Minor Hockey)

PrintApril 2019 Meeting Minutes

West London Minor Hockey Association

Board Meeting

April 15, 2019, 7:00pm, Bostwick Arena



Present:  Mark Annett, Lisa Boyce, Ryan Brown, Nathan Doan, Derek Drummond, Frank Figliomeni, Mark Flick, Phil Franze, Bruce Hayward, Justin Hoffer, Chris Latour, Greg Matthison, Spencer Noonan, Trisha Phibbs, Shawn Phibbs, Kristie Roff

Absent:  Jeff Brush, Derek Drummond, Phil Franze, Brady Parr


Approve February Minutes



Coach’s Appreciation Night – April 17th, 7pm

Coaches get together at Bernie’s in Byron.  When Tyke’s approached Bernie’s for sponsorship for their tournament they were told Bernie’s did not need our business.  Do we get any discount for coaches appreciation night?  They have sponsored individual teams in the past.  Spencer to talk to them re: sponsorship.  Chris Latour to get tickets for drinks.


Players Applying to Move Up

3 Minor Novice aged players were approved to try out for Major Novice last season.  All played West Novice MD.  Last season was an anomaly.  Changed over to ½ ice and short players at that age level.  GLHA and Alliance have approved the same players to try out for Minor Atom Mustangs.  Pat Powers coaching LJK AA Minor Atom so his son will be allowed to play LJK.  Rumour that 2-3 tykes would like to play up next season.  Need an internal process for these requests.  Chris Latour and Ryan Brown to develop a criteria for dealing with these requests.


HL Jersey Deposit

West has not collected deposit for HL jerseys since 2013.  In the past teams gave a deposit cheque and it was returned at the end of the season.  Bruce proposed form with CC number as a possibility.  Need to collect deposit in some way to cover missing and damaged jerseys.


Major/Minor Novice 2019-2020

Minor Novice

Staying the same as last year.  Using black pucks.  Problem with little to no calls and inconsistency of calls.  Currently refs talk to coach and player is to miss next shift.  Next year player is to be removed from ice immediately.  Justin spoke to LRG about lack of calls.

Major Novice

½ ice until December.  Full ice January to April.  Maximum 17 players (15+2).  Tony proposed balanced teams at last Rep meeting vs. tiering.  Is this a done deal?  Some teams do not balance even when they are supposed to balance.  West is for tiering vs balanced.  Justin to email GLHA.



Purple has moved to fall tryouts.  White to stay with spring tryouts.

Sionainn’s father passed away in April.  Flowers to be sent on behalf of West London.

West may be on the hook for ½ of new Mustangs jerseys.




LRG emailed out new fee structure.  Penalties for changing/cancelling games etc.  Push back from the associations.  Alliance stepped in.


Goalie Shots to the Head

Referees not blowing play dead when there is a shot to the head.  In one instance the referee prevented a trainer from going on the ice to see goalie who took a shot to the head.  Was informed he could only go out if goalie requested it.  Justin to bring up to the Alliance.


Budget Committee

Need to establish 2019-2020 budget.

Committee will consist of:

            Kristie Roff

            Shawn Phibbs

            Mark Annett

            Nathan Doan

            Lisa Boyce



We had the lowest suspensions in the league.  Juvenile A10 was the only team to win the championship.  A lot of coaches want to return next season.  Frank to do an internal evaluation vs. $300 program proposed.  Trisha to send Frank rosters for evaluations.



Return date - April 28th 2-4pm for MD teams and juvenile teams

When ordering next set of jerseys, need to be larger.  Finding current jerseys too small for designated teams.


DS1 Clinic

A lot of interest.  Clinic is May 4th and 5th at Nichols and Kinsmen.



Good feedback of tyke program.  Loved TPH sessions.


Midget MD

Will there be Midget MD next year (was no MD in 2018-2019 for Midget)?  West position à yes.


Meeting adjourned.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 14th, 7pm, Bostwick Arena.

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